MENA Hospitality

An International partnership between the AlNimran Group with more than 35 years experience in the Middle Eastern Hospitality Industry and Archipelago International, SE Asia’s largest Hotel Management company based in Jakarta, Indonesia with more than 200 Hotels throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines and 7 core brands ranging from 5 star luxury to trendy 2 star select service hotels.

MENA Hospitality is routed in the rich Arabic traditions of hospitality from the heart and service excellence and has a multinational team of some of the most experienced managers in the industry offering complete solutions for hotel management and franchisee development including ISO certified standards, advanced IT infrastructure and industry leading e – commerce and sales & marketing platforms.

MENA Hospitality’s unique Business Proposition
- We are a leading group with several fantastic individual hotel brands
- We provide brands with a good reputation and a proven track record
- We provide established systems and an experienced hotel management team
- We provide an advanced IT infrastructure, a cloud based PMS is offered as part of our services
- We provide excellent training and support systems

No.1 Indonesian-Based Hotel Operator / 12,000+ personnel / More than 100 hotels / One of the largest pipelines in SE Asia / ISO 9001 Certified / More than $4 billion of assets under management


Archipelago International is Indonesia’s largest operator of hotels, condotels, resorts, serviced suites and branded residences, spanning more than 15,000 rooms and apartments under management for property owners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Our seven core brands occupy the largest accommodation portfolio in Indonesia, captained by our highly experienced management team and supported by more than 12,000 people who oversee 100+ hotels and serve developers on more than 110 ongoing projects.

We work with more than 100 different owners ranging from traditional family businesses and small budget hotels, to some of the largest developers in the region executing multi-million dollar investments.

With a diverse asset base, unique expertise in condotel set ups, streamlined and centralized operations, advanced IT infrastructure and industry leading e-commerce and sales & marketing teams, we are one of the strongest hospitality management companies in SE Asia.

Leadirship & Innovation That Matters

Archipelago International is made up of the most experienced multinational management teams in the business.

We brought condotels to Asia, we started the budget hotel boom in Indonesia and we pioneered cloud computing before it was popular in Indonesia. We were the first Indonesian hotel operator to achieve ISO 9001 certification, we revolutionized e-commerce and we are known for delivering the highest returns of investments and gross operating profits in the industry.

We are a cohesive team that manages the largest marketing spend in the category, actively supporting industry-leading IT systems including advanced online sales, online reputation management tools, reporting and promotional resources.

  • 200+

  • 12,000+

  • 15,000+
    rooms & apartments

  • ISO 9001

  • Highest
    GOP on record

  • 120 mio

Profit FromOur Expertise

When you partner with Archipelago International, you’ll gain access to our unparalleled expertise in key areas of operation and our powerful brands that instill consumer confidence and loyalty.

Beginning with industry best-practice models, we are continually seeking to refine systems and processes and to integrate our operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

In 2011 Archipelago International received certification for the quality management system, ISO 9001 : 2008. ISO 9000 is a quality management system and is designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders. The standards are published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, and available through National standards bodies. Third party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that organizations meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

Our Expertise


To maximize profitability in today’s accommodation industry, hotels must function with the advantage of best-practice operating systems, sophisticated distribution methodologies and leading management acumen.

With a mandate of sustainable expansion, Archipelago International is committed to exploring new opportunities in Australia, The Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region for our four brands: Aston (Grand Aston, Aston, Aston City and Aston Inn), Harper, favehotel and Neo.

We partner with established accommodation owners, developers of new products, and industry intermediaries, with a range of hotel operating models.

Our Expertise


Successful partnerships require the appropriate operating model, and so,we make it our priority to work with our partners to create the optimum operating models and development solutions to facilitate the delivery of new and rejuvenated accommodation inventories.

OurBrand Collection

“... a company that didn’t want to just play the game – we wanted to change the way the game was played...”

Select Service
“Contemporary and truly grand hotels committed to providing the highest international standards with a wide range of facilities and uncompromising service for demanding leisure travelers and time-pressed executives.”

The twenty-first century guest regards a five-star hotel as a luxury commodity, an opportunity to buy into a lifestyle to which he or she aspires. It is by understanding that the origins of this demand for quality and style – and even status – that the function, design and intent of the exciting new Grand Aston Hotel can be properly put into context.

The choice of shapes, colors and materials help make a Grand Aston Hotel a special place where guests immediately feel at ease, reflecting Archipelago’s commitment to impeccable detail in every trim and finish. In addition to meeting resistance, comfort and upkeep criteria, the materials, color combinations and textures also contribute to the end result—a pleasant, subdued, and restful atmosphere.

“Hotels & serviced apartments that exude a sense of warmth, friendliness and comfort whilst delivering delightful moments of heartfelt service and facilities to suit a wide range of travelers.”

One of Aston’s key commitments is to provide guests with a good night’s sleep after a tiring journey or a hard day’s work. To meet this commitment and to ensure a tranquil stay, the Aston room features a longer bed suited to today’s taller travelers, a cozy duvet, an ergonomic headboard that makes it easier to read or watch television, improved lighting and convenient hook-ups for mobile phones and computers.

Aston Hotels are designed and operated to be user-friendly destinations that cater to the world’s growing population of discerning travelers who want to spend some quality lounging time in stimulating surroundings. New technologies keep people in touch with the rest of their world through free WiFi internet connections in the rooms and throughout the hotels, and LCD TV’s and stereo systems in all rooms.

“Kamuela Villas are modern, deluxe pool villa properties, offering a tasteful combination of modernist and traditional local design elements along with a highly personalized service to create a sense of place, reminiscent of 21st century Asia.”

The villa market in Indonesia and Bali in particular has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Villas are about to become more popular in other Southeast Asian resort destinations, driven by market demand for a unique holiday experience. Our vision is that a visit to one of our Kamuela villa properties will provide many delightful moments of heartfelt service - quietly pleasing each of the five senses and creating an overall feeling of pleasure and happiness. Whether it is the finely manicured surrounding gardens, inviting furniture pieces or the creative architecture that reflects the excitement and dynamism of an emerging Asia, Kamuela villas are designed and crafted to the finest standards.

“Subdued yet stimulating, sophisticated yet friendly – hotels for a new generation of traveler who appreciate style, personalized service and a stimulating environment.”

Inspired by modern baroque designs, the Alana Hotel concept combines regency touches with bold modern decors. Blending classic sophistication with contemporary chic, Alana Hotels offer guests an atmosphere of relaxation and revitalization in four and five star new build hotels, resorts and residential projects.

Alana Hotels are designed and run as user-friendly destinations that cater to the world’s growing population of discerning travelers who want to spend some quality lounging time in stimulating surroundings. New technologies keep people in touch with the rest of their world through free WiFi internet connections in the rooms and throughout the hotels, as well as LCD TV’s and DVD players in all rooms.

“Modern yet infused with rustic charm, Harper Hotels convey a residential feel and balanced functionality, offering unobtrusive service and never-ending innovation - hotels for the astute traveler who values individualism and character... “

The Harper brand is for 3 and 4 star new build hotels ranging from 100 to 250 rooms in either city or resort locations. Rooms will be a minimum bay size of 28sqm and a maximum of 40sqm, while suites will be 1.5 bays. Room costs are expected to be approximately IDR 450 million for a 3 star and IDR 550 million for a 4 star.

The signature style will be modern-rustic to suit the demand for both comfort and functionality. It’s no secret that today’s guests want to be reminded of home, so our modern-rustic design concept uses warm, rich colors to offer comfort in each room.

Rooms will not have desks, instead boasting comfortable sofas and high coffee tables - bigger and higher so guests can eat and work at the same time curled up on a sofa. Room designs will capitalize on natural light with oversized windows, creating a low-energy environment. Similarly, standard bathrooms will have showers only, while suites will have a separate bathtub. In an effort to eliminate wasteful bottles, bath amenities will be available in a dispenser format.

“Affordable, cool, clean and comfy 2 and 3 star hotels combining the value of premium budget hotels with unique and inspiring designs, creative hospitality concepts and state of the art technology for travelers seeking a stylish yet comfortable environment.”

Quest Hotels are ideal for city or resort locations and offer cool, clean and comfy rooms and suites imaginatively designed with a modern sophistication and contemporary chic vibe. Quest Hotels are welcoming and practical, offering an exceptional combination of style and function - outfitted for a luxurious escape, but equipped to please the most discerning traveler.

Quest Hotels and Quest Vibes are typically 100 to 250 rooms in size and have the usual facilities and services one would expect to find in 2 and 3 star hotels such as a coffee shop, meeting rooms, parking spaces as well as a small spa and gym.

Design time usually takes two to three months and following on from one or two months of bidding, ground breaking to soft opening day can normally be achieved in approximately one year.

“Chic and affordable hotels that open the door to a new world of wellbeing and sensations. Designed in a modern-contemporary style befitting the new trends in hotel design, NEO Hotels offer uncluttered open spaces that create an atmosphere of relaxation and revitalization in a trendy but reasonably priced environment.”

The new Neo concept was launched in February 2011, born from the realization that the modern consumer regards an economy class but well designed, interesting hotel as an acceptable alternative to larger and more expensive 4 and 5 star hotels. Smaller 2.5 star Neos use the Hotel Neo name whilst larger 3 star Neo’s use the Hotel Neo+ logo. While Neo Hotels offer all of the basic needs of any traveler including a comfortable bed, hot and cold shower, LCD TV, good internet connection and a clean, friendly and well-run hotel, they also provide some unexpected items such as DVD players, mini bars, tea/coffee makers, hair dryers and vanity mirrors as standard in all rooms.

“Select service, fun, fresh and friendly hotels – so surprisingly different and fast becoming the favorite choice for smart budget-minded travelers.”

Inexpensive, fresh, attractive, contemporary and simple are the attributes that make fave hotels so surprisingly different and destined to become the favorite choice for smart, budget-minded travelers.

The smart design and clever use of space in the hotel’s 100 to 250 guest rooms will be aimed at encouraging guest productivity while facilitating relaxation. In designing fave hotels we have strived to avoid the “cookie cutter approach” to budget class branded hotels. Several different versions of the interior and facade designs are presented to hotel developers and they are strongly encouraged to adopt one in its entirety according to cost, location and customer profile. Flexibility is key – preserving the essence of fave hotels while still developing unique hotels – each one slightly different to the next.

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    Running Hotels

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  • Royal Kamuela
  • Kamuela
  • The Alana
  • Harper
  • Quest Hotel
  • Quest Vibe
  • Neo+
  • Neo
  • Favehotels

    Under Development Hotels

  • Grant Aston
  • Aston
  • Aston City
  • Royal Kamuela
  • Kamuela
  • Harper
  • Neo
  • Favehotels

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  • UAE P.O. Box 30772 Dubai
  • +971 (4) 294 0902
    +971 (4) 294 0903 (FAX)